Spring in Edmonton, Alberta [2013]

We have been having an "interesting" spring this year for sure. Everything from thunderstorms to flash snowfalls, you name it and we got it!

Aquarium Update [Freshwater 125L + 45L Edge]

All my hard work and determination paid off. The aquarium has finally reached a biological equilibrium and almost entirely takes care of itself.

Cars [Spring 2013]

Besides for the 850 needing transmission and steering work... everything is ready for summer! LOL. At least the Jeep doesn't break down.

Sanjay's TL Type S [Spring 2013]

This was a quick shoot after Sanjay threw on his new wheels and lip kit. Looks awesome buddy.

March Snowfall

As usual we have to get at least one more dump of snow before spring. Hopefully its the last!

Aquarium: New Setup (125L)

After the filter gasket failed and flooded the basement it was time for a cleaning and a fresh start. Enjoy the pics.

Enjoying the Holiday Season

Parents left to Mexico for two weeks so I got to spend some time with my grandma. Some randoms from the past couple of weeks.

More Winter Awesomeness

We are getting massive amounts of snow here in Edmonton right now. It so beautiful!

Winter Has Arrived in Edmonton

We started having snow much earlier this year, I took a few pics on the way to the studio. Beautiful to see fall colours in contrast to the white snow!

Last Few Days of Nice Fall Weather

We have been having a beautiful fall here in Alberta. Thought I'd share some pics.

BMW 850 in October #2

Was clearing out my camera and realized I had a few more shots that I haven't done anything with. Enjoy.

My Summer Car in October

Fixed the cars problems, and its back on the road again... for a short period of time before the snow hits. A few quick pics!

Rashid's New Audi Q7

One of my good friends got a new car so we went and took some pictures of it. The location is Research Park in the South side of Edmonton, AB.

Dad's Birthday!

My mom and grandma prepared this amazing seafood feast for us. It was beyond good!

Daily Photos

How to Change Oil on the 3.5L Oldsmobile Intrigue

Changing Oil on Oldsmobile IntrigueDid an oil change on my moms car and documented it for any other weekend mechanics. Overall a pretty simple job, besides the Oil Filter housing – that was a PITA.

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A Beautiful Sunset in Edmonton

Took the Jeep for a rip on some country roads and snapped some pics while I was out there.

Servicing the Electronic Shift Module on the Jeep SRT8

Preview ImageSo the popular issue with the ESM popped up on my Jeep the other day, I read up a bunch of stuff on this post and decided to tackle the cleaning myself. I scanned the car prior to this and it threw the code U0103 (Lost Communication with Gear Shift Control Module “A”). The fix took me just a little over an hour working in near surgical conditions, and I am sure if I had to do it again – it can be done in under an hour.

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