'Only secure content is displayed' Fix for Internet Explorer 9

Another annoying warning message on IE - not surprised. This is how you go about fixing it so it doesn't ask you every time you want to do things like post using Facebook comments or other social widgets that could be using an iframe.


This is what the error looks like and it appears at the bottom of your browser window. For me it appeared all the time on websites using Facebook comments widget.

Inside of your IE browser navigate to Tools > Internet Options. There you will see the following screen popup, click on the Security tab and it will have a button that is named "Custom level...". Click this button and it will bring you to a new popup. Note: if you can't find "Tools" or the top bar at all, press the Alt key on your keyboard.

Scroll down until you find a section called "Display mixed content". Set it to Enable, and press Ok (agree to the prompt that shows up afterwards as well). That's it, your Microsoft environment got a little bit less annoying.