About Us

We are based in the wonderful and bustling metropolis of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Jenya is a web developer, gearhead, and machinist. Lindsay is a web designer, web developer, and photographer. We spend our time working on our condo and vehicles, collecting and cultivating plants, and adventuring around our wonderful continent. We love back roads in the mountains... who wouldn't in a lifted 4.7L V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

About Jenya

I enjoy building and modifying cars; in the past few years I have rebuilt a 1991 BMW 850i and reconditioned a 2007 Jeep SRT8. Currently I am working on our newest project, a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I also enjoy building high quality scale models and working on I Like to Waste My Time.

About Lindsay

I love gardening, crocheting, taking care of our home, working on I Like to Waste My Time, and being co-pilot on our many cruises around town.

Some Random Facts

  • We have over 30 species of plants in our condo (and multiples of many of those plants)
  • Our dog is named Russel but we call him Bum-rat
  • We own 2 green anoles, who live in a super-cool terrarium / aquarium
  • We have 1 large aquarium / terrarium and 4 small aquariums / terrariums
  • We love to collect rocks, plants (obviously), coins, and hot sauce
  • When it snows we love to take the 4.7L Grand Cherokee for a rip. We love when it snows!
  • Sometimes we watch too much Netflix... But the X-Files are just so good!