USA Road Trip Part 3: Northern California

Huge Redwood Cut Down

The land of the giants. The tallest tree in the world was discovered here back in 2006; it is ~800 years old and measures in at 115.6 meters/379' 4". Red wood forest is a must see for everyone - there is nothing like it!

USA Road Trip Part 2: Washington & Oregon

Sand dunes beach in Oregon

The second portion of our trip took us from Kamloops, BC (Canada) down the coast to Eugene, Oregon (USA). Everything got very green - very fast!

USA Road Trip Part 1: Alberta & BC

Calm Okanagan Lake in British Columbia Canada

The beginning of our epic journey across Western North America! We started from our home in Edmonton, Alberta and traveled across the pacific coast all the way to sunny (windy) San Francisco, California. Enjoy the journey.

Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Ford F350

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1

We had some fun ripping around with our family on their property this winter. More info on the Jeep lift and tire size inside.

Our Yearly Winter Trip to Canmore and Banff, AB

Banff Alberta Canada Mountains HD photo background

A collection of our favourite photos from our yearly anniversary trip to Canmore and Banff. This year we took our lifted Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 to explore the snowy Rockies.

Twin Lakes, Crimson Lake, and Off-Road Alberta

Twin Lakes, Alberta

Amazing weekend at the lake, off-roading, exploring west-central Alberta, and celebrating Canada Day at home.

Aquarium Update [Freshwater 125L]

It looks even more different now, since the Glosso carpet didn't workout according to plan. New photos to come soon.

Camping and Exploring around Sylvan Lake, Alberta

2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1

We spent a long weekend camping and exploring around the Sylvan Lake area, and ran into a huge rain storm while we were driving around.

March Randoms

Some random photos that have collected over the last month.

Signaling Issues in Oldsmobile Intrigue

This 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue was having issues with the signals. It was random occurrence where the signals stopped working and the relay would not actuate. It is a fairly simple and cheap fix.

Changing Spark Plugs on the Jeep SRT8

A quick how-to on changing the 6.1L Hemi spark plugs. I used NGK LZTR5AGP which are pretty much the factory equivalent. The 6.1 Hemi takes two spark plugs per cylinder, so make sure you pick up 16 spark plugs. A swivel socket attachment helps a lot to do the back plugs.

Aquarium Update [Freshwater 125L]

The version two of my aquarium. Version one can be seen here.

Banff and Canmore Trip

Short but amazing trip :)

BMW 850 & First Snow

Trip to San Francisco

Visited my bro and his wonderful family in beautiful San Francisco, California. What an awesome experience!!

September Randoms

Baubhska in the Garden

Family Trip to Jasper

The trip to Athabasca falls on Labour long weekend was awesome. The nature of Canada is just stunning!