Signaling Issues in Oldsmobile Intrigue

This 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue was having issues with the signals. It was random occurrence where the signals stopped working and the relay would not actuate. It is a fairly simple and cheap fix.

The problem is the hazard light switch (it is also serves as the main relay for the signals. To remove the vent I pried on it extremely gently with a flat head screw driver. Here you can see how the tabs look like on the center vent to aid you in removing it.

Once the vent is out the switch can be unplugged and removed from the back. At this point you can just replace the cruise button along with it. The entire package cost me $10 at the local junkers (I picked up a few just in case). This is a very common issue with the W-body GM cars (Impala, Grand Prix, Regal, Century, Monte Carlo).