USA Road Trip Part 3: Northern California

Huge Redwood Cut Down

The land of the giants. The tallest tree in the world was discovered here back in 2006; it is ~800 years old and measures in at 115.6 meters/379' 4". Red wood forest is a must see for everyone - there is nothing like it!

Cover Photo: A cut down red wood shows the many exposed layers. It's been reclaimed by the small clovers and creeping ivys.

Redwood National Park, California

We drove the majority of the park on the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway. We definitely recommend it if you want to get up close and personal with these ancient trees. Unless you have been here for yourself, you cannot even imagine how tiny these giants make you feel. Their massive trunks seem crazy enough, but when you look up, it seems like the trees go on forever. It was an absolutely amazing experience that everyone should have the opportunity to see in their lifetime.

Overgrown forests of the Coast of California

The tree cover was really thick in some spots. Certain spots have mandatory headlights-on sections.

Beautiful clover covered California Red Wood Forest

The floor of the forest was covered in these beautiful little clovers. A nice idea for potted plants to use as a dirt cover.

Wk1 Jeep Offroading in Red Woods Grand cherokee

After a short pit-stop we ventured off on a tiny service road just off the main highway. (It's the Jeep way)

Stunning views of Cali Back roads

Beautiful private road right in the middle of the Red Wood forest! It would be amazing to have a house here.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006 Lifted Camo Laredo

Looks like a scene out of Jurassic World!

Mossy Tree

Everything in this area was covered in thick vibrant green moss - even the branches of trees.

Overgrown branches with moss California Red Wood Forest

Huge Living Red Wood Tree Scale Comparison

We found some more Red Woods as we were leaving this area of California, so we decided to take one photo for scale comparison. Jenya is 6' 1" tall... quite a difference!

Dark Canopies of California Forests

Looks like something you would find in the movie Lord of the Rings. Eerie feel to this photo for sure.

California Jeep Wk1 SRT Grand Cherokee Hemi Forest

Until next year you humble giants. (This was a headlights on section, you can see how dark it looks!)

Somewhere in between the Redwoods and Trinidad, California

River bed California

Just off the main highway we saw a sign for a 4x4 area in the bed of a river. We decided to go explore and took a break there. It was an interesting area but the gravel was actually a very fine layer of rock on top of a bunch of mud. The Jeep sunk very fast and we nearly got stuck... But of course we didn't, because Jeep.

Jeep Freedom Explore America Lifted Wk1 Wk2 Wk Grand Cherokee

We finally made it to the beaches of California! First thing we decided to do was drive on it and take some epic photos. We waited so long for this!

Sandy Beaches of California USA

Lifted Grand Cherokee Promotional WK1 WK GC Laredo 2006 Hemi

Promotional photo for Jeep? Nope, just us using our rig to explore an epic California beach.

California Coast Line

The exposed coastline of California is beautiful. There were many oceanside ranches and farms to look at along the way.

Silhoute Jeep Grand Cherokee WK WK1

Our lifted Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo silhouette.

Califronia Cool Road Overgrown Trees

Interesting vegetation on the sides of the road. The speed limit on these roads was insane (they are very tight), some spots were 60mph (100km/h).

Rocky Coast of California

We found a cool rest area along the way where we took a break from a full day of driving.

Rest stop in California

The entire area was overgrown in English Ivy. The parking lot was very empty and not a soul in sight.

English Ivy overgrowing every piece of Land

Super Interesting Succulents Pink Coloured

White and deep red coloured succulents that we found growing on the rock protruding from the ocean. Very cool.

Exploration of California Beaches

When we went back through this area on the way home, the weather was very stormy. So we decieded to take some more photos of the truck on these epic beaches.

Lifted Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Driving on Beaches

Stay tuned for the next portion of our trip: Trinidad, California.