Our Yearly Winter Trip to Canmore and Banff, AB

Banff Alberta Canada Mountains HD photo background

A collection of our favourite photos from our yearly anniversary trip to Canmore and Banff. This year we took our lifted Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 to explore the snowy Rockies.

Cover photo: Spray Lakes Reservoir along Smith Dorrien Trail in Canmore, Alberta.

Nordic Pass Exploration

While exploring the back roads of Canmore, we stumbled upon something amazing. The road is called Three Sisters Parkway and can be reached across the main bridge in town. The route is also known as Nordic Pass. Here is a Google map of the road.

Nordic Pass Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006 WK lifted

Jenya Driving his lifted WK 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The pilot - Jenya.

Lifted Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1

We stopped for a break near Ha Ling Peak on the Three Sisters range.

Lindsay ready for the cruise

The co-pilot - Lindsay!

Plane flyover in Banff Alberta

I wonder... how nice did this view look for those people up there? It was perfectly silent up here when I took this shot.

Lindsay and Jenya in mountains

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006 WK1 Snow

When it came time to leave, I decided to reverse into 4 foot high snow (in the photo above, on the right) which proved slightly tricky to get out of - even on 33" Goodyear Duratrac's.

Mountains of Banff Canada

Wildlife Young  Big Horn Sheep of Banff Alberta

Seeing this young female Big Horn Sheep on the road side was very cool. She had more friends up on the cliffs that we didn't get a chance to photograph.

Nordic Pass Reservoir in Banff

A really neat natural reservoir that we found along the Nordic pass. The water here had a very nice emerald colour.

Epic skies over Banff Alberta in Jeep WK

The final location of our day trip on Nordic pass was Lower Kananskis Lake. Very nice views, and absolutely no people (if you're into exploring in peace like we are).

Beast Lifted Jeep WK1 Grand Cherokee Dirty Muddy

We think this thing looks even better dirty! What a beast.

Around Town in Canmore, AB

We always get gas at the Shell in Canmore. Last year we took the same photo of the SRT8 at this watering hole -- see the post here.

Shell gas station in Banff Alberta

The command center of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

The command centre is always on point... In this Grand Cherokee we set up a nice mobile device holder that holds a Sony Z1. We basically use it for entertainment and live data that is streamed via Bluetooth OBD2 reader. The app that we use is called Torque - its also great for reading error codes when your car is acting up.

Around Town in Banff, AB

Jenya eating dinner at Earls in Banff

We went for dinner at Earls in Banff and the food was great! We got the Bronx Burger and the Butter Chicken. We visit here every year and it never disappoints.

Delicious Dinner at Earls in Banff Alberta

Rocks and Gem store in Banff Alberta Canada

Banff has many cool Gem and Fossil stores along the main road. We bought a couple of fossils and rocks for our collection at home.

Rare Fossil Banff Gem and Fossil Store Ancient

It was very cool to see the range of different fossils... some costing up to $20,000 CDN.

Rock Gem Fossil Stores Banff Alberta Canada

This is a fossilized wood stump. This would make a nice addition in the Sklyar manor one day.

Rock Collection Banff

Cross-section cut geodes. Very beautiful crystallized internals are revealed.

Amazing Fossils to Buy in Banff

A lot of these ammonite fossils are 135+ million years old. Its almost hard to imagine what our earth looked like that long ago.

Canada HD Flag Banff Hotel Amazing

The rest of the day we spent strolling the streets of Banff. This is one of the historical buildings that we found on the main street.

Alberta Scenic Highway 1A - Banff, AB to Lake Louise, AB

The next day we have decided to take the Alberta Scenic Highway 1A from Banff to Lake Louise. We highly recommend this route to anyone who likes a better view from their vehicle. You get to see many things you wouldn't see otherwise via the main highway.

Highway 1A to Lake Louise from Banff

Highway 1A to Lake Louise Views

Mossy Stream Nordic Pass Alberta Banff Canada

Along the way we stopped at this mountain side stream, part of which, ran down a cool set of stairs. It looked like a scene out of Lord of the Rings.

Jenya and Lindsay in the Jeep exploring

Straight on Highway 1A to Lake Louise

A super straight stretch of road on Highway 1A. V8 time!

Chateau Lake Louise

First Cabin in Lake Louise Alberta Canada

We finally reached our destination. This was the first cabin the explorers built when they found Lake Louise.

Jenya Sklyar in Lake Louise Alberta Canada

Hotel Lake Louise HD Beautiful sky

Chateau Lake Louise is a world-renowned hotel, which many celebrities visit over the year. Winter time is no exception!

Lake Louise Fancy Interior Shopping

All of the interiors are very elegantly appointed with antique furniture and artifacts.

Main Hall of Lake Louise Hotel Chandalier

Inside Hotel Lake Louise Deer head

Extremely Long Hallways Lake Louise Alberta

Lake Louise to Banff via Alberta Scenic Highway 1A

Chair overlooking mountains Alberta Canada

Someone setup this cool little red chair to overlook the winding train tracks through the Rockies.

High Definition Alberta Rockies Mountains

Until next year Canmore!! See you soon.

Heading Back Home

Frozen Alberta Oil Rig Pumping oil HD

Almost at home! The unmistakable sight of pumpjacks and oil wells on the way home reminded us of how close we really were.