USA Road Trip Part 5: San Francisco & Santa Cruz, California

San Francisco Skyline from Twin Peaks Dusk Beautiful Sky Free Download

Three days of our road trip were spent in San Francisco / Berkeley to visit Jenya's brother and his family. Driving our huge lifted Jeep through downtown San Francisco was definitely an adventure. Let's just say we aren't the biggest fans of huge cities. However, we did some some really beautiful sights while we were there, amidst the crazy coastal winds and copious amounts of people.

Cover photo: A view of downtown San Francisco from Twin Peaks.

San Francisco Civic Centre

View of downtown San Francisco from Yura & Venera's apartment on the 19th floor.

Chinatown San Francisco Busy Street

Colourful lanterns and flags adorn the streets of San Francisco's China Town

Old building Historical San Francisco

Grace Cathedral in Downtown San Francisco

Grace Cathedral near Huntington Park.

Twisting Road of San Francisco

The famous Lombard Street was hilarious to drive down. It was very slow-going due to all of the tourists, but the homes and landscaping along the steep street were very unique and interesting to look at.

Big Trees in the Strees of San Francisco

One of the main beaches of San Francisco

Another view from Twin Peaks San Francisco

Another view of San Francisco from the top of Twin Peaks.

Rolling hills near SFO California

Rolling, green hills on our way out of the city and towards Santa Cruz.

Kite boarding near Santa Cruz, California

Lots of people kite-boarding on the ocean somewhere between San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Coastline

Cool House in Santa Cruz California

A unique old building in Santa Cruz. We wondered what it looks like inside on the second and third floors.

Distant Lighthouse California Coast

Lighthouse in the sunset on the way back to San Francisco from Santa Cruz.

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts in Central San Francisco

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts

Grace Cathedral in Downtown San Francisco

Jenya Playing Lego with Danil and Adriana

Enjoying some LEGO time with the kids!

Jenya and Adriana in the Elevator

The best place to be when you're this little... on top of Uncle Jenya's shoulders.

Berkeley California Turn near Tilden Regional Park

This bend in the road was in Berkeley near Tilden Regional Park, which we only stopped at for a few minutes since it was a slightly rainy day. This is definitely a park that we would like to explore more on our next trip to the area!

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