Drumheller, Alberta in the Heat of Summer

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Lifted

Drumheller is located in the Alberta Badlands and is unlike any other area in our province. It is home to an incredible abundance of dinosaur history, giving it the title of Dinosaur Capital of the World. Visiting this small town feels like visiting a different planet.

Cover shot: Our Jeep is at home in any terrain. It's the Jeep way!

Royal Tyrell Museum

A huge Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in the Royal Tyrell Museum.

Royal Tyrell Museum atrium

A skink hiding in the rocks in the atrium at the museum.

Royal Tyrell Museum atrium

English Icy and all kinds of lovely vegetation in the atrium.

Royal Tyrell Museum exterior

The exterior of the Royal Tyrell Museum blends seamlessly with the unique surrounding landscape.

Hoodoos in Drumheller, Alberta

The famous Hoodoos just outside of Drumheller.

Drumheller, Alberta landscape

A view of the unique badlands valley that encompasses Drumheller.

Drumheller, Alberta landscape

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Lifted

Drumheller desert vegetation

Natural desert vegetation was everywhere. What an interesting and intriguing place to visit.

Drumheller desert cactus

Drumheller old bridge

East Coulee Bridge, just outside of Drumheller. This bridge is closed, but it was really neat to see and imagine who would have crossed it in the past. This bridge was listed as one of Heritage Canada National Trust's 2015 Top Ten Endangered Places.

Jenya and Lindsay Sklyar

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK1 Lifted

Atop the valley, taking in the view.

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